The spiral elastic meets the Sprunchie.

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The spiral elastic meets the Sprunchie.

In the 80s, stars like Madonna, Demi Moore and Janet Jackson launched a new hair trend by converting a simple accessory into an indispensable accessory, from have at any cost. Thanks to invisibobble®, the famous Scrunchie is reliving the long-awaited return!

With an entirely new design and greater wearing comfort, invisibobble® proudly presents invisibobble® SPRUNCHIE.

The integrated spiral elastic

Hidden inside luxurious velvet, invisibobble® SPRUNCHIE contains the classic ORIGINAL, with all the benefits of the case.
Despite having an excellent seal, thanks to the spiral shape, the SPRUNCHIE is easy to remove without sacrificing comfort.

A luxurious touch of velvet
On the outside, this retro elastic band is made of soft and shiny velvet. The spotted Purrfection print gives an extra touch to every outfit as well as black True Black adds a touch of elegance to every style. invisibobble® SPRUNCHIE is the accessory for every occasion.

It is splendid even when worn on the wrist.

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