OROFLUIDO MASK 250 ml / 8.40 Fl.Oz
OROFLUIDO MASK 250 ml / 8.40 Fl.Oz
OROFLUIDO MASK 250 ml / 8.40 Fl.Oz

OROFLUIDO MASK 250 ml / 8.40 Fl.Oz 4.0 / 5 su 1 recensioni

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Rinse-out beauty treatment with an intense moisturizing effect and a deep repairing action.

Orofluido’s pyramid of beauty, formed by three natural oils - argan, cyperus and linseed - has been combined with active ingredients and a wide-spectrum UVA/UVB filter to lock pigments inside the hair fibre and provide vibrant, long-lasting colour. Delivers radiant shine, leaving hair manageable, silky and supple.

High-performing formula to maintain the intensity and shine of the Orofluido Colour service. Offers the perfect thermal protection to keep hair in the best condition.pH-balanced formulas that seal the hair cuticle to make it more resistant and promote colour retention.

No added parabens.

Distribute evenly through damp hair.

Leave in for 3 to 5 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly.

FeelYourLook TIP: Add a few drops of Original Elixir to the Mask for an enhanced moisturizing and repairing effect.

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