TIGI SLICK TRICK 75 g / 2.65 Fl.Oz
TIGI SLICK TRICK 75 g / 2.65 Fl.Oz
TIGI SLICK TRICK 75 g / 2.65 Fl.Oz

TIGI SLICK TRICK 75 g / 2.65 Fl.Oz

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Perfect for guys looking for hold and shine in an easy rinse, non-greasy formula.

Hold factor: Firm

Texture factor: 3

Provides hold

Boosts shine

Easy rinse formula.

Work a small amount into palms and apply evenly to damp or dry hair for shine and hold. FRAGRANCE: Fresh Green Aromatic.

For all-day body and style, use Bed Head For Men Pure Texture Molding Paste as a base for Slick Trick Pomade. Simply blow dry in for long lasting hold with maximum style and shape control, all with a perfectly polished finish.

Shape Constructors structure the product and form the base for texture of the formula which drives performance.
A clever blend of semisolid ingredients give workable, moldable shape and create a firm but flexible hold for pliable style.

Shine Stylers spread onto the hair to create a slicked out styling finish and give the hair a sleek feel, polished (never greasy!) finish and enhanced structure.
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