TIGI MOTOR MOUTH 240 ml / 8.00 Fl.Oz
TIGI MOTOR MOUTH 240 ml / 8.00 Fl.Oz
TIGI MOTOR MOUTH 240 ml / 8.00 Fl.Oz

TIGI MOTOR MOUTH 240 ml / 8.00 Fl.Oz

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Mega Volumizer with gloss.

Volume AND shine? Yes please! This thickifier with a shine boost is the new must-have in town.
It also glows under UV light… for those who want to make a statement!

Motor Mouth is a very versatile product. It can be layered with other products, and it’s also a great cutting lotion.
I like how light it is, so I use it on fine hair as I know it won’t weigh the hair down.

Great body and volume for fuller-looking hair and better grip for blow drying.
Even light reflection for epic gloss and improved manageability.
Head-turning glowing streaks under UV light.

Use 2-3 pumps on wet hair. Blow dry and style as desired.
For UV glow, apply product liberally to individual sections of hair.

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