TIGI CREATIVE 4/0 - NATURAL BROWN 60 ml / 2.03 Fl.Oz
TIGI CREATIVE 4/0 - NATURAL BROWN 60 ml / 2.03 Fl.Oz
TIGI CREATIVE 4/0 - NATURAL BROWN 60 ml / 2.03 Fl.Oz

TIGI CREATIVE 4/0 - NATURAL BROWN 60 ml / 2.03 Fl.Oz

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Fully intermixable permanent creme haircolour, ideal for use fundamentally or creatively.

Up to 100% coverage of non-pigmented hair.

Up to four levels of lift.

High-impact shine.

Range from Natural to neutral, intense to pstel results.

1:1.5 mixing ratio.

35 minutes processing time.


When using TIGI copyright©olour to lighten, process the lengths and ends for 20 mins, then mix fresh product and apply to the root area. Process for 35 minutes. 

Processing time is 35 minutes– however, when working on non-pigmented/coarse hair types, always check the desired result prior to removal. Extend the processing time by 5–15 minutes if required. 

When working on high levels of non-pigmented hair, it is recommended to use ¼ of the corresponding base shade plus ¾ of target shade in the formula. 

For an iridescent multi-dimensional finish to the hair, try intermixing TIGI copyright©olour creative with TIGI copyright©olour gloss.

Apply TIGI copyright©olour creative to dry, unwashed hair using a bowl and brush.

Virgin head application:

Mix your chosen TIGI copyright©olour creative shade(s) with the relevant TIGI copyright©olour rich creme activator 5vol/1.5%, 8.5vol/2.55%, 20vol/6%, 30vol/9% or 40vol/12%.

Apply your chosen product mixture 1 inch (2.5 cm) away from the scalp, through to the mid-lengths and ends.

Once complete, immediately apply the remaining product mixture to the root area.

Process for 35 minutes (up to 45 minutes on darker/coarse or resistant non-pigmented hair types).

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