TIGI COLOUR TRIP RED 90 ml / 3.14 Fl.Oz
TIGI COLOUR TRIP RED 90 ml / 3.14 Fl.Oz
TIGI COLOUR TRIP RED 90 ml / 3.14 Fl.Oz

TIGI COLOUR TRIP RED 90 ml / 3.14 Fl.Oz

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Color: Red

Long-lasting, semi-permanent hair colour.


– Rebellious colours lasting through 20 shampoos*. 

– Durable results that fade on tone. 

– Create vibrant tones with intense shine. 

– Fully intermixable**. 

– Gentle formula with an acidic pH – to help close the cuticle. 

– Designed to make hair smoother & more manageable.

– Formulated with Hydrolyzed Keratin and Coconut Oil, ingredients known to strengthen and condition hair .

– Cream-gel engineered for ease of application. 

*depending on the hair condition, shade(s) applied and aftercare routine, results may vary. 

**within the Colour Trip range; do not mix with an activator or any colourants outside of Colour Trip.

Wear suitable 1 disposable gloves.

Apply Colour Trip to preshampooed, towel-dried hair using a bowl and a brush, avoiding contact with the eyes and skin.

Process Colour Trip without heat for up to 20 mins, or up to 30 mins for more vibrant results.

Do not shampoo.

Rinse the hair with lukewarm water.

Condition with Bed Head Colour Goddess conditioner.

Rinse and style as desired.

Colour Trip has been formulated with ingredients known to strengthen and condition hair.


 Keratin is the main component of hair which gives hair its remarkable strength properties. 
When hair is damaged, keratin can be lost during usual hair care routine, resulting in the weakening of the hair structure and consequent breaking and split ends. 
Due to its small size, Hydrolyzed Keratin can penetrate into the hair fibre, replenishing protein within.


Extracted from the flesh of coconuts, Coconut oil has been used for over 3000 years. When applied to hair, 
Coconut oil conditions the hair surface by replenishing the lipid layer. Components of the oil can also penetrate into the fibre, nourishing from within.
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