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The classic colour among eyelash tints!

Refectocil No. 1 Pure Black is the classic colour amongst the eyelash tints - irrespective of the client’s natural hair colour.
Refectocil No. 1 Pure Black tints each hair pure black to make lashes look clearly longer and more voluminous.

With this colour you can enhance brown or black eyelashes and eyebrows or tint light or white eyelashes and eyebrows in long-lasting pure black. Clients with dyed black hair can match their eyebrows with their hair colour using Refectocil No. 1 Pure Black.
Before tinting: To gently remove eye make-up before tinting the eyelashes and brows, use non-oily RefectoCil Demaquillant.

In order to achieve the best possible tinting results the eyelashes and brows must be dry and free of oil. Now remove two RefectoCil Eye Protection Papers. Put protective RefectoCil Creme on the customer‘s lower lid and underside of the eye protection papers. Press one of the eyelash protection papers right up under the eyelashes of each eye to ensure that no tint touches the skin.

Preparation of tint: Immediately before tinting, mix 2 cm of dye and 10 drops of RefectoCil Oxidant liquid (or 15-20 drops of RefectoCil Oxidant cream) into a creamy paste in theRefectoCil Cosmetic Dish using the enclosed RefectoCil Application Stick.

Tinting: When the customer has closed her eyes, apply the tint to the eyelashes using the application stick until they are completely covered in tint. Then apply the same or a lighter shade to the eyebrows in the direction of growth. 

Application time: 5-10 minutes depending on the desired intensity. Cleansing the eyebrows: At the end of the application time, remove excess tint with a dry cotton ball. If the tint touches the skin remove the spots quickly and gently using RefectoCil Color Cleanser. You must not use theColor Cleanser directly on the eyelashes or on the skin around the eyes.

Cleansing the lashes: After the application time, remove the eyelash protection papers carefully in the direction shown by the arrow and remove excess tint using a dry cotton ball. Finally, remove any remaining tint with water and cotton wool. The customer‘s eyes should remain closed until cleansing has been completed.

Instructions for selecting the right colour: Make light eyelashes visible; highlight the full length by tinting the tips bleached by sun and water. Accentuate light brows; match the lightness and shade of the eyebrows with the hair on the head.

No. 1 pure black: tints any hair colour pure black.
No. 1.1 graphite: for discrete covering of greying/white hair.
No. 2 blue black: the blue lustre enhances colour depth.
No. 2.1 deep blue: effective only when used on light blond/blond hair.
No. 3 natural brown: very dark and well concealing brown.
No. 3.1 light brown: ideal when applied on light blond to light brown hair.
No. 4 chestnut: intense colour results when used on light blond to light brown hair. Chestnut lustre from medium brown hair on.
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