KERASTASE BAIN SATIN 2 80 ml / 2.71 Fl.Oz
KERASTASE BAIN SATIN 2 80 ml / 2.71 Fl.Oz
KERASTASE BAIN SATIN 2 80 ml / 2.71 Fl.Oz

KERASTASE BAIN SATIN 2 80 ml / 2.71 Fl.Oz

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Exceptional nutrition shampoo for dry, sensitized hair.


1. Designed for dry and sensitized hair.

2. Its highly nutritive formula helps to clean the hair gently.

3. provides complete conditioning from root to tip.

4. Eases detangling.

5. Brings a bright and smooth touch to the fibre.

6. Fingers will easily slide through hair without any resistance.



- Compliments natural hair oils.

- Provides a nourished feel of the hair fibre from root to tip.

- Leaves the hair fibre feeling nourished with increased softness.

- Provides a nourished feel of the hair fibre from root to tip.

- Protect the hair from oxidation and prolong a nourished feeling.

Wet the hair and gently massage into the scalp and hair.
Rinse and repeat if necessary.

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