Short cut, parade bangs. Light blonde.
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A short cut, carefully lightened to keep the right volume at the top of the head. A parade fringe, two expertly scaled side sections that frame the face and the back that embraces the nape, leaving the neck uncovered and thus giving impetus to the figure.

Measurements: Front 9 cm, sides 12 cm, Nape 3 cm, Crown 10 cm, Rear 4 cm

Color: Light blond

How it applies:

1. Remove the net from the wig.

2. Shake the wig lightly to separate the fibers and give it back its natural volume.

3. If your hair is long, pin it flat at the nape of the neck for a soft silhouette under the wig. Tip: You can use the nylon cap to cover your head and keep your hair still and more composed.

4. Place the front of the wig at your natural frontline and pull the back of the wig to place it on the nape of the neck.

5. Adjust the wig, if necessary, by sliding it from front to back and side to side. The semi-rigid side flaps must be positioned at the same height. Use your fingers or a ponytail comb to hide any leftover hair under the wig.

6. Create the style you want by simply using your fingers, a comb or a brush. The adjustable velcro © straps, placed in the lower back of the wig, allow you to adjust the size of the cap.

Wash the wig or HairDo ™ extension after wearing them 3-4 times.

DID YOU KNOW THAT HAIRDO WIGS WITH TRU2LIFE® FIBER ARE MOLDABLE? Here are our little styling tips to create your look even more personal and to surprise every day Warning: Do not curl or smooth the Tru2life® fiber while wearing the product.

Hair dryers, waving irons, plates and other thermal-based tools can be used at low temperatures (max 180 °), otherwise the fiber, in addition to being damaged, would become too hot and could burn.

When smoothing heat resistant Tru2Life® synthetic hair, use a flat plate by sliding it from the root to the tips.

When curling Tru2Life® synthetic hair with a waving iron, wrap the strand (flat, without twisting it) around the iron for about 7-10 seconds and then slide the fiber out of the iron keeping the curl composed. Aim the still hot curl with a hair clip until the fiber cools and the curl is fixed. 

Follow these short steps and the product will be as good as new, giving you even more glamor and style:
Close all clips and carefully untie the knots using your fingers, a wide-toothed comb
Important: always untangle HairDo ™ by first untangling the tips and then moving up towards the hairline.
Fill the sink or basin with cold water and 1-2 tablespoons of shampoo.
 Gently dip the HairDo ™ wig into the water and let it soak for 5 minutes, DO NOT RUB.
Rinse thoroughly with cold water. The shampoo must be removed completely otherwise the shampoo residues could damage the fiber. After shampooing, pat the product gently with a towel without pulling or twisting.
Spray the leave-in spray conditioner and gently comb the lengths with your fingers, a wide-toothed comb without pulling the fiber to maintain a natural shine and aid styling.
Leave to dry naturally on a clean towel.

It is recommended that you store HairDo ™ products in a plastic bag. Remember to dry them completely before storing them.
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