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Introducing ghd curve®, the new range of tongs & wands from ghd. Featuring our tri-zone® technology for healthier-looking curls that stay locked-in all day and night.

Each ghd curve® wand contains patented tri-zone® breakthrough ceramic technology that guarantees the right curling temperature of 185°C. 

This is maintained with six quick-thinking sensors in the tri-zone® barrel that ensures the optimum temperature is delivered constantly and evenly all along the barrel of the wand; delivering lasting curls that are formed fast and stay locked-in, while respecting the health of your hair.

The ghd curve® creative curl wand has a 28mm – 23 mm tapered barrel that can create natural looking curls and deep waves, for a beautiful beachy effect and glamorous, bouncy, big hair. 

The protective cool tip provides you with a safe place to hold the hair in place while you curl, and the built-in safety stand allows you to place the wand down securely during styling. 

Other handy features include a professional-length cord to allow for flexible styling, automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes without use and universal voltage, so you can use your wand anywhere in the world.

So if you are looking to create fancy, flirty, festival curls simply discover the ghd curve® creative curl wand.

*The product packaging may differ from the featured images.


ghd curve® creative curl wand.

Free delivery available.


revolutionary tapered barrel from round 28mm to oval 23mm tip, designed to create a wide range of glamorous curls and waves.

cool tip designed for more comfortable curling.

safety stand for securing the wand on a hard surface while not in use.

patented tri-zone® technology locks in your curls with the right, even heat.

advanced ceramic coating specially designed for smoother curling.

on-off switch and indicator press and hold design avoids accidental use during styling. Light & sound indicate on-off and ready to use.

sleep mode automatically turns off if left unattended for 30 minutes.

universal voltage and professional length swivel cable.


2 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Secure online payments.

Guaranteed product authenticity.

Track your order.

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