EOC CUBE FAST 4 - 60 ml / 2.03 Fl.Oz
EOC CUBE FAST 4 - 60 ml / 2.03 Fl.Oz
EOC CUBE FAST 4 - 60 ml / 2.03 Fl.Oz

EOC CUBE FAST 4 - 60 ml / 2.03 Fl.Oz

Color in 10 minutes.
EOC CUBE FAST 4 - 60 ml / 2.03 Fl.Oz
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Color in 10 minutes.

Reduced times: only 10 minutes

› Faster to mix.
› Faster to apply, thanks to the compact texture.
› Easier to rinse.

Mixing ratio: 1 to 1
mix 60 g of color (one tube) with 60 ml of oxygen.

An innovative Vegan formula, without PPD **

Kinetic color system: system based on color kinetics, it calibrates the quantity of pigments based on their reaction speed, allowing the color to develop in just 10 minutes, with excellent performance.
Derivative of Hyaluronic Acid: innovative derivative of hyaluronic acid, with beneficial moisturizing, humectant and film-forming properties, creates a network that allows the gradual release of the active ingredients. The latest generation biotechnology origin guarantees the highest level of purity.
UV filter: protective shield of the outermost layer of the hair, filtering UV rays helps to prolong the duration of the color.
Emulsifiers: in addition to reducing the odor of ammonia, they have the ability to reduce discomfort.

Results and technology

• Extra-care conditioning * effect on the hair
• Intense and long-lasting colors
• Perfect coverage of gray hair without the need for mixing with natural bases
• Lightening up to three tones.

* Instrumental test on treatment
** Para-Phenylenediamine, dye admitted by current EU legislation and widely used in hair dyes.
Step 1. PREP!
Prepare the hair to receive the color.

Uses Color Primer
Specifically designed as the first step of the service Evolution of the Color3 Fast.
Prepare your hair for service color, helping to obtain a homogeneous and uniform color, without streaks or overloads of color.

Spray on the lengths and ends of the hair dry before applying the color.
Do not rinse.

Step 2. COLOR!
Apply and start the stop watch.

• Start the application by doing the usual division of the hair in 4 sections.
• Spread the mixture with the special bottle to speed up application (average application time 5/8 minutes; respect this timing even if you prefer apply with a brush).
• Always start from the nape of the neck. Make sure all hair natural have been covered by the dye mixture. Apply only to natural hair.
• At the end of the application, start the calculation of the exposure time, 10 minutes for normal hair. Check always the result color on the front of the head.
• To make the color uniform: in the last minutes of application, remove gently color from the skin and distribute it over lengths and tips previously wet with lukewarm water.
• Massage constantly until the result is achieved desired; finally proceed with rinsing.


2-4 use: 20 VOL (6%) - 30 VOL ( 9%)
5-6 use: 30 VOL (9%) - 40 VOL (12%)
7-8-9 use: 40 VOL (12%).

Step 3. BLOCK!
To the sound of the stopwatch rinses and locks.

Uses Color Block Shampoo
Stabilizes the action of coloring pigments, interrupting the process of their oxidation and ensuring color fidelity over time.
To be used only at the end of a service Evolution of the Color3 Fast color.

Distribute on damp hair, emulsify until obtaining a homogeneous foam all over the hair, leave in pose for 1 to 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly before proceeding with the application of the conditioner / cream best suited to customer needs.
Do not use in others situations, because due to its water content oxygenated can alter the color of the hair if left in laying for more than 2 minutes.
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