ALFAPARF COLOR WEAR 1 - DARK 60 ml / 2.03 Fl.Oz
ALFAPARF COLOR WEAR 1 - DARK 60 ml / 2.03 Fl.Oz
ALFAPARF COLOR WEAR 1 - DARK 60 ml / 2.03 Fl.Oz

ALFAPARF COLOR WEAR 1 - DARK 60 ml / 2.03 Fl.Oz

Tone on tone coloring without ammonia.
ALFAPARF COLOR WEAR 1 - DARK 60 ml / 2.03 Fl.Oz
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Tone on tone coloring without ammonia.

Color Wear is the natural evolution of the concept of tone on tone, even more natural for a brand like ALFAPARF MILANO, which makes change and innovation its distinctive feature. A new pack and a radically renewed formula to allow everyone to enhance and enjoy a new look without worries.

The new case was made using 90 degree recycled paper % .
The QR code has been inserted on the box to replace the paper instruction sheet, in order to limit paper consumption.


Contains an alkalizing complex based on arginine, derived from vegetable sugars which allows to replace the most used and widespread chemical alkalizing agents (ammonia and MEA).
Arginine is an amino acid, 100% of natural origin, very similar to the hair as it is already present in its protein structure.

FREE FROM Ammonia, MEA (ethanolamine), PPD, Alcohol, Silicones.

POOL OF OILS A combination of semi-fermented oils of natural origin with nourishing, anti-oxidant, protective and anti-frizz properties.
Contains: camellia seed oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, green tea seed oil, sunflower oil.

GEL CREAM Innovative cream gel texture, it is easy to apply and rinse. It does not drip during application.
Thanks to the presence of a patented emulsifying complex, it allows a uniform distribution of color for a homogeneous color result.


COLOR FADE color maintained up to 92% after 12 washes *
* instrumental test result carried out on a strand treated with the new Color Wear formula (nuance 6.35), after 12 washes.

COMB hair up to 11 times easier to comb after 6 applications *
* result of instrumental test conducted on wet hair, after 6 applications of the new Color Wear formula, in comparison with the best competitors on the market.

INTEGRITY OF THE HAIR up to + 38% hair integrity *
* the repeated application of the new Color Wear formula, with the alkalizing agent of natural origin, maintains a higher degree of fiber integrity than if a product with a chemical alkalizer is applied. Visible result with SEM (scanning electron microscopy) technique, after 9 applications of the new Color Wear formula. The comparison is made with the previous formula, applied in the same way.

DYNAMIC GLOSSINESS up to + 149% gloss, measured on moving hair *
* instrumental test result, obtained by comparing the shine measured on hair treated with the new Color Wear (roots, lengths and tips of moving locks) in comparison with that of locks treated with the previous formula or with products of the best competitors on the market.

When to use Color Wear:

- For those who want ammonia-free color.
- To enrich with fashion highlights or to give brightness and intensity to natural hair.
- To cover gray hair (60% -100%).
- To tone streaks and highlights.
- To even out lengths.
- To revive the cosmetic color after a perm or straightening service.
- To revive the color and brightness of treated, dull or dull hair.

Mix in a non-metallic container (bowl).

Reflexes: 1: 2 (60 ml nuance +120 ml oxygen) - exposure time 25 min.
100% coverage of gray / white hair: 1: 1 (60 ml shades + 60 ml oxygen) - application time 35 min.

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